2/7/2018 10:55:10 AM

Eurasian Countries Meet in Ankara

2nd Workshop of Eurasian Countries’ Public Employment Services which would enable knowledge and experience sharing and strengthen the cooperation with countries in the Eurasian geography in relation to innovative and inclusive employment policies, started in Ankara.

2. Eurasian Countries Public Employment Services Workshop, organized with the cooperation of İŞKUR and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) under the auspices of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, was held with the participation of the Minister Jülide Sarıeroğlu.

Reminding, in her opening speech, that there have been critical change and transformation in labour markets all around the world after the global financial crisis, Sarıeroğlu said, "Our main priority is to implement integrated policies, to debate on these policies, to act in accordance with targets in order for the labour market not to be adversely affected in this process." Mentioning that Turkey, especially in the last 15 years, has made revolutionary arrangements in terms of labour market, Sarıeroğlu stated that İŞKUR is the focal point of such arrangements. Sarıeroğlu, expressing that Turkey has recently been undergoing a difficult process, reminded once again that despite such serious processes as coup attempt, the Operation Euphrates Shield went ahead while 3.5 million Syrians were embraced and they remained not unconcerned with the unfortunate events in our region we live in.

“We are determined to bring our job placement record in 2017 to higher numbers in 2018.”

Touching upon the success of bringing the National Mobilisation In Working Life Campaign launched under the auspices of our President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN to the conclusion of 1.5 additional jobs in such short period of time as one year, Sarıeroğlu said, “İŞKUR has broken record in this period, too. We are determined to bring our job placement record in 2017 to higher numbers in 2018. With the policies we put forth, we are now in the process of updating the vision and objectives of İŞKUR. We will increase our staff number. We will enhance our efficiency in provinces. We will improve our informatics infrastructure. We will particularly put new models on matching services into operation. Meanwhile, we have serious efforts to train work force having qualifications which our labour market needs. Besides, we carry out our active labour programmes and put our passive labour programmes into practice. We realise these activities in line with the needs of our labour market and in relation to the vocations of today and of future. We, as İŞKUR, work with all our power throughout Turkey, via our 8 thousand employees, and we will continue our path with strong goals in the next course. We have ensured a serious dynamism through our vocational training courses, on-the-job training programmes and our support for entrepreneurship in our labour market. We have important supports to our disabled brothers/sisters so they could establish their own enterprises.”

"We remove our incentive applications from the limit of minimum wage”

Our Minister Sarıeroğlu said, “Together with our slogan ‘plus two employment’ declared at the Second Phase of National Employment Mobilisation on 14 December with the leadership of our Honourable President, we set out again with the incentives for powerful Turkey.” Making explanations on regulations to be brought in the new period Sarıeroğlu said, “We will gain a new acceleration with the enactment of our employment package sent to the Assembly in this week. In 2018, pulling down our unemployment rates to one-digit numbers, increasing employment rates of our women, youth and disabled brothers/sisters have been determined as our fundamental priorities. We have put a new model into practice in our employment incentives. We remove our incentive applications from the limit of minimum wage in the sectors of IT and manufacturing. We have determined the limit in relation to the upper limit of earning taken as basic to premium. Concerning vocational training, from now on we hold a new format in which we will give more places to the demands of employers. For us, young people are very important, and we put our radical decisions on this matter in omnibus bill in the Assembly. We will enable young brothers/sisters to have the opportunity to be trained in any field they need and in any place they determine.We will provide the applicants to take education at their will with a coupon system amounting up to 10,000 TL. As Turkey, we will proceed with our reforms. For 2018, our first priority is the employment issue. The important thing for us is not only development in figures but also welfare of our citizens.”

“In 2017, we provided employment to 1,057,249 people.”

Our Director General Cafer Uzunkaya stated that unemployment and employment have become one of the most important issues of all countries and underlined the need of common sense and consultation in his speech during the programme. Uzunkaya, who said that wisdom is believed to be a great achievement for human kind in the Eurasian geography, continued his speech as “İŞKUR, the Public Employment Service of Turkey, is discharging its responsibility in the international area and has positive approach towards the steps taken in terms of both receiving/giving information and cooperation. As İŞKUR, we are holding the term presidency of World Association of Public Employment Services. We believe that this synergy of ours could be shaped as “Eurasia 20” in Eurasia and the background of this geography should be revealed all together. Especially after a treachery like July 15, we as İŞKUR provided employment to 1,057,249 people in 2017, the 71.anniversary in İŞKUR’s history. We provided employment to 357,210 women and 361,440 young people. We increased the qualifications of 508,851 persons by availing them of our courses and programmes. We are a country serving 3.5 million Syrians while struggling with so many problems. Because of these, Turkey realised a success story with all of its institutions and organisations. We should share this success in this geography and overcome difficulties. I believe that increasing regional cooperation will contribute significantly to overcoming the problems.”

The two-day workshop, including many representatives from different countries, continued with the discussion of the subjects of “A Global Overlook to Labour Markets and Working Life” and “Activities for Countries of the Region & Turkey”.

At the closing meeting of the two-day workshop, our Director General Uzunkaya presented the participant countries with their certificates.