1/16/2021 2:59:24 PM

Digital Career Day Organised

Our Agency organised an online event as “Digital Career Day” to guide the youth for their careers and many representatives who were experts in their fields participated to the event and shared their information and experiences with the youth.

Mr. Bekir Aktürk – Directorate General of İŞKUR, Mr. Özgür Burak Akkol – Head of Administrative Board of Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations, Mr. Ahmet Şerif İzgören – Writer, Mrs. İdil Türkmenoğlu – Manager/Writer, human resources managers of prominent firms in our country and our Job Club leaders participated to the Digital Career Day.

Thanks to the event, students and youth who want to direct their careers and business world professionals came together in the scope of the Job and Vocational Counselling Services, and Mr. Bekir Aktürk, our Directorate General made opening speech of the event. He expressed that the career days, which were organised by our Provincial Directorates ever year to enable our university students meet with employers’ representatives and expert trainers in their fields and obtain information about labour market and recruitment procedures, were organised online as Digital Career Day” due to pandemic this year.

The Focus of the Policies We Developed is Youth

Mr. Aktürk said that İŞKUR, with its improving and strengthening institutional capacity especially aimed to decrease the youth unemployment, increase the youth employment and facilitate the youth to access labour market.

Mr. Aktürk mentioned that they determined the youth as focus point in the policies they developed and attached particular importance to university students specially to raise a trained and qualified labour force and accordingly they transformed the contact points at universities under the title of İŞKUR Campus providing services to students within the framework of Job and Vocational Counselling Services. Mr. Aktürk pointed out that they organised On-the-job Training Programmes for a duration of 9 months to enable the youth and university students gain professional experience and the programmes were especially in professions such as cyber security and cloud computing that were expected to be highly demanded in labour market and called as “Future Professions” emerging with digital transformation.