2/26/2021 3:19:53 PM

Hearing and speaking disabled Hüseyin earns his family’s livelihood through the grant he takes from İŞKUR

Our Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services continues to deal with our disabled citizens with the slogan “Dreams do not have disability”. Our Ministry shares dreams of our disabled citizens by providing support in many different areas from establishing their own business to being employed via receiving vocational trainings.

By this way, in Nevşehir, hearing and speaking disabled Hüseyin Şahin who applied to Establishing Own Business Support of İŞKUR and earns his family’s livelihood by managing a carpet washing shop with the support he has taken has been one of these people.

“We established our workplace with the support of İŞKUR”

Hüseyin’s father Mehmet Şahin, stating that his son is both hearing and speaking disabled, said, “We thought of İŞKUR. We established this workplace by taking support after the application. Here, we mostly wash carpets and sometimes cars if we have time. He manages this workplace now and we give him financial and moral support. We strongly advise our brothers/sisters having disabilities like my son to apply to İŞKUR.”

Mehmet Şahin said, “Hüseyin is married and has got 3 children. Thanks to his son aged 19, he helps in works, which Hüseyin does not complete. We continue to manage this workplace together. There is no work that my son cannot do.”

 “We advise our disabled brothers/sisters to apply to İŞKUR”

Mehmet Şahin, stating that İŞKUR pioneered them in starting their workplace, said, “Our disabled brothers/sisters like my son Hüseyin can apply to İŞKUR. They can establish their own business and work easily through the support they would take. Also they can be masters in their jobs, because dreams do not have disability.”