12/22/2020 2:52:02 PM

Mrs. Selçuk, our Minister: “More than 42 Thousand Women Benefitted from Women at Work Project”.

Mrs. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labour Social Services stated that more than 42 thousand women benefitted from courses and programmes organised within the scope of “Women at Work Project” which is launched to support women’s integration in labour force.

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk said that “Women at Work Project”, which is started in September 2018 continued and women who have children between the ages of 0-15, primarily women who receive social benefit or social and economic support within the scope of the project and women who benefit from the institutions under the ministry, which render services in combating violence against women benefit from the project.

Childcare Support for Course Participants

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk stated that “Mother at Work Units” were established in 81 Provincial Directorates, the women benefiting from the project primarily participated to Job Clubs in the provinces where there were Job Clubs or they received Job and Vocational Counselling services in the provinces where there were not Job Clubs. Mrs. Selçuk said that after Job Club activity, women benefited from Vocational Training Courses and On-the-job Training Programmes organised with 50% employment guarantee.

Mrs. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, our Minister underlined that women who attended the Vocational Training Courses and On-the-job Training Programmes in vocations industrial sector were given a child care support of 400 TL in addition to the daily allowance.

We Take Important Steps to Empower Women

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk expressed that studies were carried out to empower women and family in society, enable women to have opportunities of qualified training, facilitate them to access labour market, make them have social security and increase the number of female entrepreneurs. She said that they were taking important steps to empower women.

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk emphasized that there have been reforming legal regulations to increase Women’s employment in the last 18 years in Turkey. She also mentioned that the Ministry of Family Labour and Social Services had primary goals of catching up with the developments related to women’s employment in the world and putting into effect the policies to empower women and family.