11/30/2020 2:49:49 PM

Mrs. Selçuk, our Minister: “We are Already Getting Our Youth Ready for 25 Future’s Professions”

Mrs. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk, Minister of Family, Labour Social Services said that they got youth ready for 25 different professions, which are determined as future’s professions. Mrs. Selçuk noted that youth were delivered trainings for professions such as cyber security, cloud computing, game development specialist, mobile software development specialist, and industrial robotics programmer.

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk said that through the courses and programmes organised for the youth, they endeavoured to meet the qualified labour force, which the sectors need and National Technology Move requires.

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk who stated that within this scope, since 2015, over 80 thousand people attended Vocational Training Courses and On-the-job Training Programmes said, “We delivered trainings for approximately 8 thousand people through specific courses organised within the scope of Raising Qualified Information Technologies Specialist Project.”

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk who stated that it could be adopted to technologic transformation by raising qualified labour force and announced that minimum 10 thousand people will benefit from Vocational Training Courses and On-the-job Training Programmes which will be organised within this scope.

Our Minister, Mrs. Selçuk also stated that in order to increase the qualified labour force in future’s professions, a powerful matching would be rendered through Skills Inventory Project and a database of skills and qualification needs would be established by job analysis based on professions.