2/12/2021 3:11:43 PM

They have been the first Hearing Disabled Product Designers of Turkey with İŞKUR

Hearing disabled Aysun Çalkaya and Murat Girgin living in Eskişehir were employed after the training they had in Hearing Disabled Designer Training Course delivered by our Agency and became the first hearing disabled designers of Turkey. While Murat Girgin stated that “We overcame the thought ‘the disabled cannot do’”, Aysun Çalkaya said that “We witness the benefit of the training we got by replying questions asked in the workplace. The best aspect is proving the work we do.”

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services continues to contribute through vocational training courses that are organised to participate the disabled citizens in labour market via İŞKUR.

Within this scope, Aysun Çalkaya and Murat Girgin had training by participating in Vocational Training Course with Employment Guarantee in the scope of Vocational Education and Skill Development Cooperation Protocol (MEGIP), which was organised in cooperation of our Eskişehir Provincial Directorate, Arçelik and Anadolu University School for Handicapped.

Aysun and Murat learnt the theoretical part of the course in Anadolu University, School for Handicapped and the applied part of the course in Arçelik, and started to work as research and development employee within Arçelik A.Ş. after the completion of the course.

If we didn’t have this training, we couldn’t have worked in such places”

Murat Girgin, who emphasised that they were the first hearing disabled product designers, said, “Having this training has been very useful for us, our view of life has changed. During the course, we designed 100 pieces, made 16 montage works, and learnt 120 new technical words. In addition, we applied for 12 patents and received 5 patents. We love our job and workplace. Good thing we attended this program. Good thing we attended this program.

Girgin stated that they learnt the equipment to be used in Research and Development section within the project and said, “We had many trainings for working in a workplace. With these works we overcame the thought ‘the disabled cannot do’.”

An Exemplary Project Removing Disabilities

Aysun Çalkaya stated, “During the training, trainers, employees of Arçelik A. Ş. as well as İŞKUR supported us in every matter. We made designs for design-focused thinking, montage, formation of ideas and facilitation of people’s lives. The best aspect of benefits from the training we have is to reply questions asked in workplaces and to prove the work we do. I thank everyone supporting us. This was an exemplary project removing disabilities. Facilitating people’s lives with our products, we dream and design is a very good feeling. Dreams do not have disability.”

On works in the course, Çalkaya said, “We had a team composed of 5 people. We made ‘a design of hearing hat’ through what we learnt in the course, which will solve the problems we encounter as hearing disabled individuals and all hearing disabled applicants can use. It brings vibration from the side of the sound. By the help of this, we can protect ourselves by utilising the hat in hazardous areas for the hearing disabled.”