Training / Program Arrangement Services Intended for the Employer

1- In execution of labour training services, service providers to purchase service from or cooperate with are given below:

a - Education and teaching institutions affiliated with the National Ministry of Education,
b - Universities,
c - Private teaching institutions and private education enterprises established in accordance with the National Education Basic Law no. 1739 dated 14/06/1973 and Private School Law no. 5580 dated 08/02/2007, 
ç - Private sector workplaces,”
d - Foundations, associations, trade associations and labor unions that have their own property, building, and equipment for training – at the time of offer – in standards identified by the Ministry of National Education, 
e - Public institutions, organizations with working capital funds, banks and other institutions established with special law, and their affiliated workplaces.

2- Cooperation method instead of service purchase will be used for training programs to be organized with the educational institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.

Expenses to be Met in Training Programs

Unit cost including the practice materials required for the training course, trainer, job consultancy, place of the training, and vocational rehabilitation expenses and contractor’s profit is paid to the service provider in monthly remunerations.

Expenses to be Met in Entrepreneurship Programs

Training expense calculated on hourly class fee to be determined over the number of participants of trainings.