Job and Vocational Counseling

“Hope for Job Seekers, Confidence for Employers, Support for Students: Job and Vocational Counselling…”

Job and Vocational Counselling is employment based counselling service for job seekers, employers and students. Within the scope of these services, students are supported in choosing their vocations, job seekers registered in İŞKUR are supported in job finding, solving their vocational adjustment problems, developing their vocational skills, changing their professions/jobs; employers are informed regarding legislation and their labour force demands are met.

“Everyone has a Job and Vocational Counsellor”
In order that Job and Vocational Counsellors deliver more efficient services for job seekers, employers and students, job seeker, employer and student portfolios are designated to each job and vocational counsellor and the counsellors are ensured to render those services by portfolio management, thus every job seeker, employer and school have a counsellor. Through job and vocational counselling services, by comparing characteristics of people and qualifications and requirements of the vocation and the job, people are systematically assisted in choosing the most appropriate job and vocation according to their will and situation, placing in job and ensuring their vocational adjustment and solving related problems.