Counselling for Job Seekers

“Through An Inclusive Service Manner for Every Segment of Society …”
Job seekers portfolios are equally distributed to Job and Vocational Counsellors by taking into consideration of age, educational level, social status (standard, ex-convict, and disabled), labour force and job seeking status and whether they are receiving social benefit. By interviewing with individuals who are in their job seeker portfolios, Job and Vocational Counsellors assist them in knowing themselves, having information related to vocations and vocational training centres and by considering those information individually, deciding the appropriate job for themselves and making employment action plan. Job and Vocational Counsellors deliver job seekers trainings in developing job seeking skills process, defining skills, expectations of employers, job opportunities, job request form, methods for preparing impressive CV, presentation letter and trainings on developing job seeking skills in which antipathetic behaviours during job interview according to employers and similar topics are told. Job and Vocational Counsellors organise individual and group interviews in order to raise awareness for those who apply to İŞKUR and have no profession or have a profession but cannot find job in his/her profession, and need vocational development.

“Knowing How to Seek a Job is also a Skill.”

Within the scope of Job and Vocational Counselling services, Job and Vocational Counsellors provide job seeking skills trainings for people who are in prisons, vocational training and public education centres, women's shelters, military units, colleges and some groups such as people who receive unemployment benefit, people under probation, job seekers registered to İŞKUR, those who have completed labour force training courses and high school senior students etc. Through these trainings, it is ensured that the efficiency of the individuals in the labour market is increased, and in this way, the entry of these groups into the labour market is facilitated.

“Our Youth Our Future…”
Since 2013, İŞKUR Campus has been providing services to university students in order to provide information activities on subjects such as Labour Market, Job Seeking Skills, Employer Interview Techniques and CV Preparation.

In order to increase the effectiveness and accessibility of guidance and counselling activities and develop a culture of cooperation, one-to-one and effective job and career counselling services are provided for university students preparing to enter the labour market at university contact points. Studies are carried out in cooperation with the existing career centres in the universities, and various programmes are carried out together.