Job Clubs

“There is Job in this Club!”

Job Clubs is an intensive job and vocational counselling programme, which aims to give methodical and motivation support for the groups requiring special policy such as women, young people, the disabled, long-term unemployed, ex-convicts, and previously drug addicted persons who have been treated.

What Awaits You in Job Clubs?

In Job Clubs, you will learn;

• Everyone who is willing to work finds an appropriate job,
• What you should do to have that job,
• You may find a job without having experience,
• Job seeking methods,
• How to prepare a qualified CV,
• How to act in job interviews,
• Small but important details to be accepted for the job,

from the Job and Vocational Counsellors experienced in the field. You will acquire theoretical information about the issues above and also consolidate this information by practising. You will have fun, learn and also find an opportunity to practice by participating in 2-5-day trainings with groups of 6-15 people. During this process, you will listen experiences of our graduate participants who completed the Job Club programme and found a job, and human resources experts who work in Human Resources departments of private firms.

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