Vocational Counseling

“We are already Meeting the Labour force of the Future…”
Job and Vocational Counsellors visit schools, meet with school administrators and counsellors to provide information about vocational counselling services, and emphasise the importance of cooperation for students to benefit from these services. Promotional activities are also supported by posters and brochures prepared by our Agency.

With the «Vocational Promotion Days» activities launched in 2015, it is aimed to help students before their university choices, eliminate the negative effects of the wrong choice of vocation, increase the awareness and recognition of our Agency and ensure that our young people are not alone on their career path. With the Vocational Promotion Days, the promotion of many vocations, including the 9 most preferred vocations at the undergraduate level in Turkey, is made by the experts of the vocation.

“Journal of Support for Vocational Choice Every Year…”
Within the scope of Job and Vocational Counselling services, every year, 1 million Journal of Support for Vocational Choice is distributed across Turkey through seminars in schools with the aim of increasing the employability of the labour force, referral of the unemployed and those at the stage of choosing a vocation to a vocation/job and supporting their career planning, increasing the level of knowledge and interest of students who are at the stage of choosing a profession, parents and teachers.

The journal can also be accessed via the official website https://www.iskur.gov.tr/yayinlarimiz/.

“Source of Vocational Information: Vocational Information Centres”
Vocational Information Centres are places in which people can receive information about vocations and training places and people at the stage of choosing a vocation and training places can find information to make correct and conscious decisions.
-People at the stage of choosing a vocation,
-People who want to obtain information regarding vocational training centres and vocations of which trainings are delivered in vocational courses,
-Adults who have a vocation and want to make progress in their vocations and change their vocations,
-Guidance teachers, school administrators, parents and anyone who wants to know vocations and training opportunities can benefit from Vocational Information Centres.

Individuals or groups can apply to Vocational Information Centres. Upon the application of guidance teachers, group interviews are organised in the centre and detailed explanations are given to students about the importance of choosing a vocation and the point from which sources vocational information can be obtained.

“We Help People Know Themselves…”

In order to help define the characteristics of people, some measurement and evaluation tools are used within the scope of job and vocational counselling services. Our Agency uses Vocational Orientation Test Battery as a supportive tool for the relevant service.

The aim of the applying Vocational Orientation Test Battery is to support people to realise their interests, orientations and skills and improve themselves, and so help them to observe vocational alternatives and clarify their preferences. This tool targets to enable individuals to get to know different vocations and their personal characteristics and to find the most appropriate vocations for themselves. People can apply this measurement tool and evaluate the results with the Job and Vocational Counsellors.

“Vocational Information Booklets”
İŞKUR, aiming to support students in the processes of choosing their vocations and other career development ways, has added updated vocational information booklets to its service portfolio. In this context, 8 vocational information booklets, which are planned to reach students and other target group throughout Turkey and includes information related to 250 vocations, were designed; and vocational information in booklets were summarised from vocational information files.

The said vocational information booklet was illustrated on the basis of target group, and one spot sentence was added to the heading of every vocation.

It is planned that online versions of vocational information booklets would be delivered to schools, students and guidance counsellors in the current situation and their printed versions would be distributed in the next periods. It is considered that the Job and Vocational Counsellors would benefit actively from the booklets in counselling services for students.