Public Work Program


The program aims to prevent the unemployed that require special policies from becoming distant from their working habits and discipline, and provide temporary income support to these people by supporting public services via collaboration with other public entities during disaster, epidemic, emergency and other force majeure situations. However, beneficiaries do not gain temporary or permanent worker status in any public institution by participating in the programs.

Entity Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a public entity.
  • Must align with the contract allocated timeframe and conditions.
  • Must operate in the program province.

Beneficiary Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a Turkish citizen.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Must be an unemployed person.
  • Must register to İŞKUR.
  • Must not be a student except open education students.
  • Must not receive any other unemployment benefits, pension payments or disability payments.
  • Not being insured within the scope of the Law No 5510, except the voluntary insurance holders working in agriculture and forestry.
  • Must not have criminal records mentioned in the conditions of the operating procedure in the scope of national legislation above.
  • Must not have income 1, 5 times more than the net minimum wage in the household.
  • Must be the only beneficiary from a household that benefits from the PWP.
  • Must not benefit from national PWPs more than 270 days.
  • Must apply to the PWP in the operation province where he/she resides in.

Selection Process

  • Public notary drawn
  • Listing method
  • Hybrid method which consists 80% public notary drawn and 20% listing method

Privileged groups require special policies

  • Women
  • Ex-convicts
  • Disabled people
  • Men over 35 years old
  • People who are not considered veterans but were injured while combating terrorism


  • Program cannot exceed six months and programs cannot be prolonged.

Financial Rights of Beneficiaries

  • Daily minimum wage for each day participated
  • Social Security Premiums
  • Taxes