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Registration is the first step for job seeking. Job-seekers who wish to benefit the services of the agency are obliged to register by signing up on the Agency's online portal or by applying in person to units of the Agency. For a successful match, we need complete and accurate information about both vacant jobs and job-seekers. For this reason, it is very important for those who will register to provide required information completely and accurately either on their own or as accompanied by the Agency personnel. That is the reason why you should uploadyour educational, occupational, and other information to the system completely and correctly.


Terms of Registration

In order to register onour Agency, Job-seekers have to be over 14 and not engaged in military duty during registration. Job-seeker's statements are oriented for determination of occupation. The Agency does not bear any responsibility for inaccurate statements.

Registration for the Handicapped

Those who have difficulty adjusting to social life and meeting their own needs, who need protection, care, rehabilitation, counseling and support services due to “congenital or acquired loss of bodily, mental, psychological, sensorial or social skills”, have to certify that they lack at least 40% of their bodily functions via a “disability health board report for the handicapped” which can be acquired from one of the health institutions authorized by the “Regulation for Criteria and Classification of Disability and Health Board Reports to Be Issued for the Handicapped” ,published in the Official Gazette no. 26230 dated 16.07.2006.

Those who want to register online as handicapped are obliged to have their status approved by bringing or sending in their health board report. The handicapped who have not had their status approved will be treated in normal status. Disability report of those who are reported to be unable-to-work for any job will not be received. The system will turn job-seeker record into normal automatically for discontinuous reports with the date of report taken into account, and when a new report indicating a continuing status of disability is submitted, the disability record will be updated in accordance with this report.

Registration for Ex-Convicts

Those who are sentenced to one or more years on an intentional crime and who are convicted to a crime that hinders employment as a civil servant, who complete their penalty in correctional departments, whose penalty is reprieved, who are released on probation or who cannot be employed due to the conditions specified in special laws or who are banned from being employed in public services for life-time, certify their status by "Status Notification Form for Released Convict" received from Chief Public Prosecutor's Office and benefit from the provisions of the relevant regulation. Those who want to register online as ex-convict are obliged to have their status approved by bringing or sending their documents in. The ex-convicts who did not have their status approved will be treated in normal status.

Registration Procedure of Those Having the Right of Submission Priority

Those who will apply with priority to normal, handicapped, ex-convict employee demands of public institutions shall submit the documents that include the right of priority in case of application through an Agency personnel within the Provincial/Branch Directorate. In case of a failure to submit the documents, their records shall be treated in normal status until their documents are submitted. Also, those who register online are obliged to certify their status by bringing to Provincial/Branch Directorate the documents that prove their status. Otherwise, they will be treated as regular registration in the system.

Validity Period and Removal of The Records

Active validity period of the records is two years, beginning from the date of last process. Job-seekers with removed records can enter the portal of Agency and activate their record via job searching menu or their records are activated by authorized Agency personnel via implementing transaction on behalf of the applicant by the date of application through the system in case of application to Provincial/Branch Directorate in person or by communication media such as telephone, fax, e-mail. Records not processed within the period of active process or invalidated for other reasons will not be considered as job-seeker record until the job-seeker updates them.