Unemployment Insurance

Description of Unemployment Insurance
It is a compulsory insurance which operates with insurance technique that partially compensates income losses of people for a certain period who lose their jobs while working in a workplace, out of their intention and fault despite their will, ability, health and competence for working.


  • Insured employees working with a labour contract,
  • Insured employees working with bank funds,
  • If desired;
    Insured employees working with a part-time labour contract, 
  • Those working in taxi, dolmush and similar public transportation services and those who are employed by one or more than one person with part-time labour contract and whose working days are less than 10 days in a month in the workplace they are employed in the fields determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Amount of Unemployment Insurance Premium

Unemployment insurance premium is taken as 1% insurance holder, 2% employer and 1% from state share from the premium based on monthly gross earnings of insured persons. For those who pay voluntarily unemployment premium, holder’s share is 1% and employer’s share is 2%.