2/5/2021 3:01:23 PM

İŞKUR Supporting Special Children of Turkey

Our Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services continues to facilitate the participation of the disabled citizens in employment by providing vocational training in different sectors through our Agency. Our Ministry supports needy special children of Turkey and helps them to shape their future.

In this scope, vocational training of greenhouse cultivation is delivered from A to Z for 12 mild mentally disabled people in “Greenhouse Cultivation for Mild Mentally Disabled Individuals” vocational training and rehabilitation course organised in the cooperation of our Agency and Yalova Branch of Turkey Beyazay Association.

The disabled participating in the course get trainings in many areas from elaborate and careful irrigation to nurturing of flowers they are interested. In addition, they help each other and learn solidarity in this course.

Their Participation in Employment Gets Easy

With greenhouse cultivation training delivered to mild mentally disabled people, it is targeted that they would gain vocational skills, facilitate their participation in employment and benefit from rehabilitating qualities of vocational training.

While Gülnur Erol, course trainer of Yalova Branch of Turkey Beyazay Association informing about the course, stated that “We deliver Greenhouse cultivation training for our special children in the cooperation of our Yalova Labour and Employment Provincial Directorate and Yalova Branch of Turkey Beyazay Association”; special children participating greenhouse cultivation training expressed their pleasure and said that they will shape their career targets through the trainings they get from this course. While Kubilay Balant, aged 30 from participants of the course, said, “I want to do this job in the future after completing the course”, Faruk Öztürk aged 21 said “I dream establishing my own enterprise with the knowledge I have got from the course.”