12/27/2022 12:26:07 PM

Members of Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC) Gathered in North Macedonia

İŞKUR delegation participated in the 21st Managerial and 20th Experts Conferences of “Centre of Public Employment Services of Southeast European Countries (CPESSEC)” held between December 6th – 7th in Skopje, North Macedonia.

The Managerial conference, with the theme of “Youth Guarantee: Making It Real”, was held on the 6th of December and The Experts Conference, with the theme of “Supporting Youth Employment & Skills of Future”, was held on the 7th of December with the participation of Public Employment Services’ representatives from CPESSEC member countries.

The Conferences, hosted annually by the term chairman under the scope of CPESSEC, which was also chaired by İŞKUR on behalf of Turkey in 2016, was organised this year in North Macedonia. In the Conferences, various presentations and discussions were held on the latest developments, innovative practices, and experiences related to themes determined by International Organisations and the representatives from public employment institutions of CPESSEC member states.

At the Managerial Conference held on the first day, Mr.Varol Dur, Deputy Director General of İŞKUR, presented İŞKUR's policies on youth employment and gave his speech about the projects and programmes implemented within the framework of the Agency’s vision.

At the Experts Conference held on the second day, Koray Alper Akdemir, Employment Expert, presented the statistics on youth employment and provided detailed information to the member countries about the examples of good practices that stand out within the scope of the active labor market programs of İŞKUR, through the context of the targets included in the National Youth Employment Strategy. During both sessions, participants provided answers to the questions raised by the representatives of the member states. After the exchange of ideas on youth employment and skills of future, the conference was successfully completed through evaluating briefly the discussions held for two days. At the end of the Conference, the North Macedonia handed over the CPESSEC presidency to Montenegro. During the conference, discussions on improving bilateral cooperation were held between the Turkish delegation, Montenegro, Romania and the European Training Foundation (ETF).