12/25/2019 4:14:56 PM

We Held the Workshop “Approaches to Tackling New Challenges in the Labour Market: The Role of Labour Market Researches” under WAPES

The workshop on the theme “Approaches to Tackling New Challenges in the Labour Market: The Role of Labour Market Researches” was held by İŞKUR on November 20-21, 2019 in Ankara.

Our Director General Cafer Uzunkaya, Vice President of WAPES European Region Ms. Sofia Elomri, İŞKUR executives, representatives of public employment agencies of WAPES member countries, academicians, experts in their field and a large number of guests attended the opening ceremony of the workshop which was held in cooperation with İŞKUR and the World Association of Public Employment Services (WAPES).

Our Director General Uzunkaya who made the opening speech in the workshop where İŞKUR shared its experiences on labour market research and the other countries and international organisations gave information about various research methods that they have implemented in different sessions, thanked WAPES and all the countries which supported the organization of the workshop. Uzunkaya, stating that within the scope of the workshop, they desire to obtain outputs which will widen horizons for labour market research, said “We pass through a period in which we face global problems. In connection with the solution of these problems, such organisations realised in line with knowledge and vision of all countries have great importance. We, as İŞKUR, attach importance to cooperation with organisations within our region as well as global organisations. In accordance with this view, we have taken place in WAPES since 2003. As a country carrying out the term presidency of WAPES between 2015 and 2018, we have worked to make the Association be a learning and teaching network. We assess this workshop and similar workshops, which are outcomes of this understanding, from this aspect.”

 “We Have Kept a Finger on the Pulse of Labour Market since 2007”
Mr. Uzunkaya stated that İŞKUR developed its programmes in line with up-to-date information regarding labour market via researches it has conducted since 2007. Mr. Uzunkaya pointed out that İŞKUR’s Labour Market Research is one of the most comprehensive research in Turkey and in Europe and stated that: “The issue we are going to handle here is the challenges in labour market. There are current challenges and new expectations and challenges we are going to encounter in the near future. Thus, labour market research means a lot for us. Since 2007, demand researches related to labour market carried out by İŞKUR has played an active role in establishing our sectoral policies.  At the point of establishing both national, local and sectoral policies, we take account the demands of labour market. I hope that the outputs of the workshop we hold hereby will serve as a model for labour market research of all countries under the umbrella of WAPES.”

Ms. Sofia Elomri, Vice President of WAPES European Region, expressed her appreciation of participating in such an important organisation and stated that they will bring the role of labour market research to the table in this workshop where new expectations and challenges related to labour market will be handled.  In this sense, Ms. Elomri mentioned the importance of exchanging information and experience with regard to supply and demand match and stated that WAPES members would benefit from the output of the workshop while making labour market research.

During the session in the first day of the two-day workshop, the issues of new challenges in labour market,labour market research in forecasting future trends and developing policies, joint practices of evaluating supply and demand research, demand research and methods of the practices of countries and evaluation of the processes of determining the needed skills were shared whereas during the session in the second day, labour market research was addressed in depth with all technical details and the global good practices were shared.

The results of the two-day workshop which was held based on the role of the Labour Market Research in forecasting future and developing policies will be shared with 82 member countries of WAPES, the related Ministries and international organisations so that İŞKUR will make a significant contribution to international community.