11/1/2021 4:15:29 PM

Workshop on “Developing a Successful Employment and Skills Strategy” Held in Cooperation between İŞKUR and SESRIC

In the framework of OIC Public Employment Services Network (OIC-PESNET) which we have been elected as the President as İŞKUR for 2021-2022, “Workshop on Developing a Successful Employment and Skills Strategy” was held online on September 28-30, 2021.

103 representatives from 23 countries participated in the Workshop that was held in cooperation with The Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) which is the first of the activities committed by our Agency within the framework of the work programme that determined activities of the Network for two years and was accepted and put into force by the member countries at the OIC-PESNET 3rd Meeting, which had been prepared with contributions of our agency and hosted by Turkey in June 2021.

“SESRIC Addresses Current Situation of Labour Markets of OIC Member Countries”

The workshop started with opening speeches of Mr. Uğur Tunç, Head of Foreign Relations and Projects Department and Mr. Onur Çağlar, Director of Training and Technical Cooperation Department of SESRIC. On the first day of the workshop, Dr. Kenan Bağcı, Senior Researcher in SESRIC made a comprehensive presentation about the current situation of labour markets of OIC member countries and OIC 2025 Labour Market Strategy. Later that day, Mr. Ramazan Beğboğa, Employment Expert in İŞKUR made a presentation about job and vocational counselling services and emphasised the leading role of counselling services in creating a successful employment strategy The first day of the workshop ended with a presentation by Mr. Jose Raymond Obama, Central Regional Director of the National Employment Fund of Cameroon, in which the country's experiences were conveyed.

The Strategies of İŞKUR Explained”

On the second day of the workshop, Ms. Meltem Anduse, our Employment Expert made a presentation on innovative approaches in the provision of employment services and the strategies put forward by İŞKUR for an effective matching service. After the second presentation, in which the importance of active labour market policies in skill development was emphasized and the active programmes implemented by İŞKUR in this field were explained in detail by Mr. Çağatay Gökyay, our Employment Expert, the second day of the workshop was completed with the presentation made by Mr. Parviz Afanziada, Expert who works at the Azerbaijan State Employment Service, within the scope of other country experiences, about the work and vision of the employment agency.

“The Importance of Active Labour Market Programmes Mentioned”

At the beginning of the third day of the Workshop, where the importance of active labour market programmes in creating a successful skills strategy was emphasized, additional information was given to the participants by Mr. Çağatay Gökyay about the projects implemented by İŞKUR for disadvantaged groups. After this presentation, a presentation was made by Ms. Kızbes Kılıç Görmezöz, our Employment Expert, on passive employment policies and programmes that play a critical role for job seekers, employees and employers, especially during the pandemic period. After the presentation that the design of passive programmes to retain employment and how they can be associated with skills development were discussed, Mr. Ahmad Alabed, the Expert at the Civil Service Bureau of Jordan, gave a presentation in which country experiences were shared.

During the three-day workshop, which was completed with the closing speeches, the questions posed by the representatives of public employment institutions of OIC-PESNET member states were answered comprehensively and the experiences of our Agency and efforts of our Country in this field were shared with the other countries.