Vocational Training Courses

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Are those who have completed the Employment-Guaranteed Training Courses obliged to be employed?

At least 50% of the attendants who successfully complete the employment-guaranteed training courses are employed by the cooperated organization.

What are the activities intended for the handicapped?

Vocational training courses are organized to provide the handicapped who have any occupation, knowledge and skills in professions according to their interests, needs, and talents in order to help them to become recruited or work independently.

What are the activities intended for the convicted?

Vocational training courses are organized for the convicted. Also in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and non-governmental organizations, vocational training courses are organized for the convicts who are to be released in short time in order to facilitate their employment after being released.

What are the costs of training courses organized by service purchasing?

  • The costs specified below can be paid in Vocational Training courses.
  • Obligatory payments to trainees 
    Service cost per individual
  • Insurance contribution costs of short-term occupational accidents and occupational illnesses

Which qualifications are required to attendvocational training courses?

  • To be older than 15 years,
  • Primary school graduates (Those who completed elementary school before 16/8/1997 are considered primary school graduates.)
  • Having appropriate qualities for the occupation they would make progress in,
  • Having the qualities required by the employer,
  • Being in the status of available unemployed,

Are trainees required to make a payment for vocational training courses?

Vocational training courses are free of charge and trainees are not required to make a payment.

Is attendance compulsory in vocational training courses?

Attendance is compulsory. Those with acceptable excuses can receive a written permission for leave from the trainer/teacher. However, in case this period of permission of a trainee exceeds 1/10 of total course period for any reason except a maximum 5-day leave for health concerns, he/she is discharged.

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